Aupairing in Britain  
Aupairing in Britain
"You have to feel it"
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"You have Tone feel it"

France was the place by birth of the programs Fowl Pair.
The concept Fowl Pair was born to finals of the 19th century when young British and German went to France to study and were placed in house of families of his same social level.
“Fowl Pair” means “to the par” or “the same”. This word is now mundialment known and can not translate to any language.
Already to the 1774, Johan Gottfried Herder  proclaimed that the genius of each village(Volksgeist) bent always for the cultural diversity, the human wealth and against of the universalism. For this reason, the national pride radicava in the culture, to fetters of which each village had to fulfil a specific fate. The culture, how understood him Herder, was the expression of the diverse mankind, and did not exclude the possibility of communication between the villages.  
Take part in a program of Fowl Pair also means to do a linguistic immersion . In any event if you are decided to live this experience already was like Fowl Pair already was as a Famía Acollidora, Aupairing in Britain offers you the possibility of can practise the English while you decisive all cliclant the following link:
Here you have a direct link with the TRANSLATOR OF GOOGLE that surely will do you a good service.
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If you need any person that help you with the boys by means of intercambi cultural.

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