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Resources to learn English

Reinforce your level of conversation in English via Skype:
At present it is organising a group of conversation for all those candidates that want to take part to the program of Fowl Pair in order to work the vocabulary of the day in day out and in direct relation with the work of Fowl Pair. If you want to aim you this course can send us a post.
If you want to reinforce the study of the English with online free tools, Aupairing in Britain recommends you the following pages webs that, definitely, will be you of utility to reinforce the English. Remember that each hour that devote to improve your level of English will see reflexat at the time of putting it in practical and for lo so much will win in tranquilitat at the time of communicating you with your future family acollidora. 

Clica On each billed and will be able to go in directly to the course:

It stops power practise vuestro vocabulario bone recomiendo that hagais los siguientes puzzles of sinónimos quills bone ayudará mucho to tener a vocabulario más expand, clicka on the siguiente enlace:

Aprende inglés desde You house
Clases Fear

If you need any person that help you with the boys by means of intercambi cultural.

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