Aupairing in Britain  
Aupairing in Britain
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Live with an English family is the best shape to learn and dominate the English. Work like Fowl Pair in the United Kingdom is a formula very rentable to know the country, the culture and reinforce your knowledges of the English language. In addition always will have the recolzament of the Agency for all what need. 
In exchange for working of 25 to 35 weekly hours taking care of the boys of the family and assistant with the light works of the house will receive accommodation with an own room, manutenció and a money of pocket(pocket money) that hovers the 90 weekly euros.

The Aupair will have time to attend classes of English. Your Local Tutor together with your English Family will help you, once are accommodated, to choose the classes of English as your level.

During the school course the minimum time of stay is of 6 to 12 months. Many families want to have a Fowl Pair the maximum time how  for example all a school year, in that case, whenever it have a good level of English,  is easier to find family that no not in the summer since it is during the holidays when more demand there is to be Fowl Pair.
The only•licituds to go during the summer are advisable to do them from the month of January in order to have advantage at the time of can find family of received. If the level of English is very low always is more difficult of cabbage•locar during the summer.
 It is important that know that during the summer can be warned of that you have been selected with for a short term, this means that it rotted give the case of that you had to travel immediately,  even, with a preavís of one or two weeks.
 The future Fowl-pair has to take into account that during the period estival the schedule of work can vary and be more flexible since the boys do not go to the school.
Why I have to pay some honoraris to the Agency? Other agencies have offered me a cabbage•locació free.
Exist a said a lot ancient that says “if quelcom is free, probably will obtain what paid”.
If an Agency does not earn you nothing means that you are not customer of that Agency .
The Agencies that do not earn you as only have as a customer to the family acollidora for lo as YOU ARE not HIS CUSTOMER. We consider both parts, the family and the Fowl Pair our customers and do lo better to take care both parts. Our main work bases in finding the best family for our AuPairs and always thanks to our remarkable and eficients contributors established to the countries of received where it/it AuPair will loan his services as such.
Aprende inglés desde You house
Clases Fear

If you need any person that help you with the boys by means of intercambi cultural.

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