Aupairing in Britain  
Aupairing in Britain
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Duties of the Aupairs

Be Fowl Pair no solsament means to take care boys but also help to do simple domestic works. With this concept of “simple” will have to be very attentive of that really was this and not confusing the real meaning to the  that does reference.

They exist families that require that the Fowl Pair take care more to the boys and do except domestic works. Other families need that the Fowl Pair do more domestic works and take care except time to the boys.

The care of the boys supposes: dress them, give them the food, change diapers, bring them and collect them of the school, help them with the school duties, play with them and bequeath them, bring them to stroll, bathe them, be creative, help them to develop his growth and development. 

The domestic works suppose between other things: help to keep the clean house and endreçada, take out the dust, happen the aspirator, do the colada and extend the clothes, iron and bend the clothes, prepare the breakfast and simple lunches for the boys, collect the cooking, take care of the plants and of the animal and of the house when was not the family.

What the Fowl Pair will not do: clean the house in depth, clean the bath or the cooking in depth, clean the car, clean the closets, sevir to the family, cook for all the family, clean the shoes of all the family yes instead the ones of the boys.

In the following link can see a Presentation in Power Point on a daily routine of an Aupair: 



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